Ấp 7 Xã Nhị Thành; Huyện Thủ Thừa Tỉnh Long An

About Us

VAN PHAT RUBBER – PLASTIC CO., LTD is a company with many experiences in the field of rubber serving industry and agriculture.

VAN PHAT has produced over 200 types of tubes of all sizes and exported to the world market (Europe, USA, Canada, Australia ….).

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification – Certificate of conformity to ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system issued by UKAS.

Specializes in manufacturing:

– Rubber details for industrial machines

– Rubber pipes for the petroleum industry and food, high pressure pipes for agriculture

– Sand suction pipe- Rubber seal

– Rubber roller

– Joint rubber, feutre heat resistant, oil resistant

– Rubber rollers for paper and steel lamination industry, silicone shafts, etc.

– Quick and rubber cushion, ship’s rubber gasket, bridge gasket and expansion joint

– Rubber lining in acid solution tank …

Ấp 7 Xã Nhị Thành; Huyện Thủ Thừa Tỉnh Long An

Email: caosuvanphat@varubco.com

ong cao su : (0272) 3592631 – 3592632

ong hut cat : (0272) 3592633

Hotline :      0908 111344

Yahoo ID : varubco

Website: http://varubco.com/